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Promoting Transparency, Protecting Privacy, Increasing Trust

Bridge Media Group, LLC is uniquely qualified to provide Law Enforcement Media Redaction Services

  • Veteran and former Law Enforcement Officer owned business
  • 40+ years of combine Law Enforcement Experience
  • 15+ years of electronic media audio/video editing and processing
  • In house General Counsel
  • Knowledge of Freedom of Information Act; Public Records Laws
  • A Sole Source, Unique Service Provider

       omplying with

        Public Records Requests was time consuming well before the introduction of audio and video recording devices into daily police work.  As your agency's use of Body

Promoting Transparency...

Cameras and In-vehicle Dash Cameras increases, its ability to respond to request has become further challenged by technology issues, privacy concerns and manpower limitations.

Protecting Privacy...

       y providing media redaction services,

         Bridge Media Group, LLC gives Law Enforcement agencies the ability to timely and cost-effectively fulfill Public Records Requests while paying the utmost respect to privacy protections.

Increasing Trust...

Enforcement audio/video recordings to be made available to the Public by reviewing:

  • Body Camera/Dash Camera
  • 911 audio/Jail Calls
  • Surveillance video

and preparing redactions in accordance with State and Federal Laws.

       ody worn camera

        programs are implemented to demonstrate an agency's desire to be transparent within the context of its daily interactions with the Public.  However, deploying body cameras and opting not to release the footage creates questions about the agency's commitment to foster an open relationship with its Community.


Bridge Media Group, LLC makes it possible for Law




From Raw to Redacted...

At Bridge Media Group, LLC, respecting chain of evidence protocols from the time video and audio is recorded until the footage is ready for Public release is of paramount importance.  We are delighted to meet with you to discuss how Bridge Media Group, LLC, through the implementation of our rigorous data handling standards, can confidentialy guarantee data security and save your agency time and money while encouraging a strong relationship between it and the community it serves.

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